Ultimate Tennis Camp Minimum of 7 days

The Pattaya-Tennis.com programs create winners - young and old, beginners to champions. Our reputation is founded on high-class training, personalized to each student's needs, facilitated by an expert coaching staff. All our tennis programs blend and balance technical, tactical, mental and physical training. This remarkable synergy addresses the whole player, achieves results and empowers the student to success.

The program instructors, Daniel Rajsky (Czech Republic), Harold Mollin (USA) and Jiri Cermak (Czech Republic) have proven to be the premier players throughout both Asia, and internationally, in their respective age groups, winning well over 200 tournaments in both singles and doubles over the past 10 years.

From what they have observed there are a number of tournament players who want to win more singles matches, but really do not understand how to take advantage of the talents they possess.

/Tailor Made Program

Tennis training and physical training occurs Monday through Saturday of 9 AM to 6 PM. This time is divided into 4 hours of tennis and 1 hour of physical training. For the tailor made camp, and even some of our scheduled programs, the option to extend or to shorten the training sessions to the student's schedules and days of training can all be based on their individual needs.

The first practice session starts at 9 AM. So, most players should have breakfast at around 8 AM. We start with group warm up lead by Assistant Coach Sylvester, who will be responsible for the fitness and conditioning of players at the tennis camp. After 15–to–20 minutes of warm up activities, we split the players into groups according to their level of play. Morning practice focuses on learning, improving, and making certain shots become automatic in point play. We finish at 11 AM.

We will continue at 11:30 AM in the gym and all of this session will be about fitness and strength training. We finish at 12:15 AM. All players will then leave for lunch.

Our afternoon practice will start at 4 PM when we will focus on disciplined repetitive drills, and at the same time learning the sport of a lifetime. The program will emphasize proper fundamentals with strokes, footwork, and ball control all covered in our proven drills that have created champions. We will finish at 6 PM at which time the players will head back to their rooms for the evening .

By this time, most players are tired but satisfied from their hard working day and are looking forward to rest. Soon it will be another day and another 5 hours of practice in the very warm climate of Thailand.

Elite Coaches

What to expect - SESSION EMPHASIS

  • Stroke analysis of each player all the while honing in on each individual’s weaknesses that need to be improved to achieve a better level of play.
  • Learning strategies on playing points and sets in various “real situations”.
  • Analysis of opponents play, and how to adjust to make them less formidable.
  • Specific drills that will improve both the student’s singles and doubles play.
  • Learn what to do in the warm-up and how to spot weaknesses in your competition.


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