Ultimate Tennis Camps
The Ultimate Programs for tennis are a comprehensive look at each player’s games, with a structure that is “success specific”. We are very aware of the desires of our students to achieve “success” in the various specific programs of their choosing. In all of the programs, we will make sure that the student’s stroke productions improve, along with providing added tactics needed to “gain an edge” which the students never had prior.

Unfortunately, the Ultimate Training Programs are not available to players who would be classified as beginners. For these players feel free to ask about private lessons and the schedule of times and instructors available.

Choose your tennis camp

min 7 DAY TRAINING PROGRAM Tailor Made Camp
Tailor-made tennis camp is specifically designed to your goals, schedule, and budget. Ultimate tennis experience.
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4 DAY TRAINING PROGRAM Singles Strategies
The ultimate program in learning the right strategies to win at all levels of play. All covered in our proven drills.
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4 DAY TENNIS PROGRAM Doubles Strategies
This intensive, 4 day program, is designed to give the players a better understanding of Doubles.
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This intensive, 2 day program, is designed to improve singles and doubles strategies and techniques.
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Elite Coaches

What to expect - SESSION EMPHASIS

  • Stroke analysis of each player all the while honing in on each individual’s weaknesses that need to be improved to achieve a better level of play.
  • Learning strategies on playing points and sets in various “real situations”.
  • Analysis of opponents play, and how to adjust to make them less formidable.
  • Specific drills that will improve both the student’s singles and doubles play.
  • Learn what to do in the warm-up and how to spot weaknesses in your competition.


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