Our tennis camps and Elite private lessons will be held at two stellar locations in, and around, Thailand’s resort city of Pattaya. Both training facilities are luxurious, unique, and pristine. But, don’t let that fool you; they are perfect for dedicated tennis enthusiasts to hone their techniques and skills. You will be able to engage in the intense drills that will exhaust the heartiest, yet permit each participant to “comfortably” become the best they can be.


This luxurious facility features 7 beautifully floodlit tennis courts, with a separate center court, that are surfaced to the same standards as the courts at the Australian Open. Not only that, but there is a magnificent pool, along with an exquisitely appointed gym, squash courts, and locker facilities.

This wonderful facility has everything a tennis enthusiast requires. The INTERCLUB has 5 great hard courts, a swimming pool, and a fitness center all conveniently built next to the tennis courts. Not only that, but the club also offers reasonably priced hotel rooms for those students who want the convenience of doing their drills, and then being able to relax in comfort next to the courts.